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07.06.2014 14:04:20 Jiri Vesely: “I expected a harder match“
The decisive match of the 21st edition of the UniCredit Czech Open offered a Czech and Slovak tennis derby. Jiri Vesely, who occupied a higher position in the ranking, was a clear leader in the match. Norbert Gombos lost his serve right at the beginning and the Prostejov player kept his opponent under pressure for a long time. He almost did not give him any chance. He broke Norbert’s serve in the seventh game and, immediately afterwards, won the first set.

07.06.2014 13:35:26 Norbert Gombos: Jiri was just better
The defeated finalist Norbert Gombos considers Prostejov challenger the best tournament he has ever played at: “I didn’t expect to reach the finals here. I had beaten Haase once last year. I was quite confident against Adam even though I lost to him twice last year. But I had defeated him on clay. Adam had played tough matches before and it decided.

07.06.2014 13:11:38 Jiri Vesely comfortably wins the UniCredit Czech Open
Jiri Vesely closed his participation in the Prostejov challenger by an overwhelming victory over Slovak Norbertem Gombos 6:2, 6:2 in the finals. The match took only 74 minutes and it did not develop in favour of Gombos for a single moment. Vesely was patient, more active, had a better serve. After Radek Stepanek, Jan Hajek, and Bohdan Ulihrach, Jiri Vesely became the fourth Czech player who won the title in the Hana Region.

07.06.2014 12:06:50 Miroslav Cernosek: “We have a contract for the next three years“
On the eve before the UniCredit Czech Open finals, Ing. Jiri Kunert, the chairman of the board of directors and the general manager of UniCredit Bank, and Dr. Miroslav Cernosek, director of TK PLUS, entered into a cooperation contract for a period of another three years. The renowned bank will continue to be the titular partner of the greatest Czech tournament.

07.06.2014 11:42:02 Ivo Kaderka: “I wished to see Vesely vs Pavlasek in the finals”
The head of the Czech tennis, Ivo Kaderka, has been at the tournament in Prostejov for the seventeenth time. The Czech Tennis Association has participated in the tournament, which has been called the Czech Open since 2002, for many years: “I’d like to thank Jiri Kunert. UniCredit Bank is a guarantee of a great level of the tournament and perfect financial backing in the long term. I have to thank Mirek Cernosek for his perfect care of this tournament and, of course, to Petra Cernoskova who is absolutely wonderful in the role of the tournament director. She and her team do an excellent job. The tournament was traditionally organized at a great level, it featured great quality players. There were no shortcomings, everything was just perfect.

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