ATP Challenger Tour
3. ľ 8. 6. 2024 ARE┴L TK PROST╠JOV

Jiri Lehecka Arrives to Support His Home Tournament

08.06.2024 09:51:13 | The top-ranked Czech tennis player could have been one of the biggest favorites at the UniCredit Czech Open, but was sidelined by an injury. As Prostejov is closely associated with his career, it was no surprise that he made an appearance here and was acknowledged as a distinguished guest of the tournament.

"I deeply regret it. Watching our top players compete for the tournament title as a junior, I often wished to join them one day. Winning the UniCredit Czech Open remains a priority for me; I firmly believe that I will lift the trophy on Centre Court someday," said the Prostejov club player, reflecting on his connection to the tournament. 

Three of the top Czech players were absent from the tournament, which understandably disappointed Miroslav Cernosek, the head of TK Plus. Honestly, I cannot recall a year when three of our best players were missing. We wished Tomas Machac success in Paris, which eventually materialized. However, Jiri Lehecka and Jakub Mensik were unable to participate due to health issues, which was truly unfortunate. Nonetheless, both players appeared in the arena and showed their support for the tournament. Jakub took part in Children's Day activities, while Ji°í attended the UniCredit Bank Day event.

"Their attendance underscored their connection to the Prostejov club, which I have always been building as a family-oriented community. I am very happy about it. I’ll be even more delighted when we have the opportunity to watch them all on the court in one of the upcoming editions of the tournament," expressed manager Cernosek, reflecting on the tennis players' commitment to the most prestigious Czech tournament.

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